Because we are an academic department and not a professional theater, we unfortunately do not have a physical box office location, nor do we have box office agents through whom you can purchase tickets via phone or fax. For this reason, the only method of purchasing tickets in advance is via this website. View our “Event Calendar” page to view all upcoming performances/events and purchase tickets when available.

More often than not, TAPS productions sell out before they open. For that reason, we encourage you to purchase tickets in advance (via this website). Tickets are not for sale at the door, only via online sales.


Please contact us at TAPSinformation [AT] stanford.edu. We do not have a phone line for ticket-related matters. Please do not contact the TAPS administrative office with ticketing questions; the main office serves the academic program, only.


If you are hoping to attend a sold-out performance, there is still a chance to get a ticket! We encourage you to read our instructions below carefully:



Patrons should form a wait-list line in front of the performance venue. You may begin forming a line at any time.* Beginning one hour before the performance, physical wait-list numbers will be distributed by House staff. Please note that staff cannot give out numbers before the one hour mark.


Numbers will be given out on a first come, first served basis. Those with lower numbers will very likely receive tickets, with odds decreasing as numbers get higher.


Each person in line will be given one number, maximum. However, each number may be redeemed for up to two tickets.**


Unclaimed tickets will be released to the wait-list as early as fifteen minutes before the scheduled performance time. PLEASE NOTE: if you are not present when your number is called, your place in line is forfeit.

* In the past, patrons have stood in line for the wait-list as early as two hours before curtain. We suggest you do not wait anywhere other than directly in front of the venue to ensure that you will have an accurate place in line. It is the responsibility of the patrons in line to determine their order of arrival.

** For example, if Jack and Jill both need tickets to the show, Jill can wait in line without Jack for a number, which will later be redeemable for two tickets — hers and Jack’s — if their number is called. However, if Jill waits in line alone and has two friends who need tickets, Jill cannot ask for two numbers (to redeem for three total tickets); each person in line can claim one number — redeemable for two tickets — maximum.