In addition to these studio spaces, performance venues and classrooms may sometimes be used for rehearsal purposes. To see all TAPS spaces, and for more on how to book rehearsal space, please review our Space Usage Guidelines. To view an up-to-date schedule of space reservations and availability, see our TAPS Space Calendar.

Roble Gymnasium

Roble Studio 114

Roble Studio 114 is an 890 square-foot dance and movement studio. The floor is sprung and maintained exclusively for dance rehearsals. One full wall in this space is mirrored. This space is managed by TAPS.

Roble Studio 115

Roble Studio 115 is a new 3067 square-foot dance and movement studio with a cushioned dance wood floor. This space is managed by TAPS.

Roble Studio 136

Roble Studio 136 is a 900 square foot room with a sprung floor. A selection of rehearsal furniture is also available in this studio.

Memorial Hall

Memorial Auditorium 129

Memorial Auditorium Room 129 is a studio space frequently used by acting and improvisation courses, as well as for TAPS department auditions. This space has a selection of rehearsal furniture as well as a piano. This space is managed by TAPS.