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Musicals after Stanford
TAPS Alum James Sherwood was class of 2017 and double-majored in TAPS and Economics. He currently resides in the UK working for Disney Theatrical as a Production Assistant. For a quick, long-distance interview, we asked James three questions on theater and life after Stanford.

What do you currently work on?

I work for Disney Theatrical Group in London, as the Production Assistant, working across The Lion King, Aladdin, and Frozen in the West End and the upcoming Lion King UK Tour.

What does Theater and Performance Studies mean to you now as a professional?

Theater is quite literally my life! I have been able to forge a career in the industry that I have loved for over 15 years, and could not be happier to be working in a field that I enjoy.

What advice do you have for current students?

Make the most of the productions at Stanford, both with Student Groups and the Department. There are so many incredible opportunities, and the skills and relationships that I learned and developed working on Stanford Theatre are the reason that I have been able to work in theatre professionally.

James Sherwood