Splice: 5 Dance Films

PREMIERE | THU MAY 27 2021 at 7:00PM PDT

Available for On-Demand Viewing through SAT MAY 29 at 11:59PM PDT


SPLICE: 5 Dance Films

Splice: 5 Dance Films — TAPS Spring Main Stage — will consist of five dance pieces for film, choreographed by TAPS Lecturers in Dance featuring Stanford Students. RSVP to have an access link sent to your inbox on opening night.


Pent | Choreographed by Katie Faulkner

Pent illuminates a particular state of bottlenecked energy and creative potential born out of this year of confinement. At turns brash, propulsive, lyrical, and funny, Pent aims to unearth the embodied experience of feeling more than you have room to express.

Trace Lines in the Provisional | Choreographed by Diane Frank

Trace Lines in the Provisional is not so much a dance as a danced visual tone-poem, supported by the St. Lawrence String Quartet’s rendering of a poignant new work for strings by composer Jaroslav Kapuscinski. The piece unfolds, marking the edges of personal space, the exertion against obstacles (of self, gravity, surfaces), and the extension towards imagined others. It explores the limits of reach in a pandemic moment when actual, physical connection is not yet possible. But out of that limitation, through layered sequencing of bodies, movement, and architecture, we can at least imaginatively connect, support, and extend ourselves toward one another. 

Riot of Spring | Choreographed by Aleta Hayes

A violet disruption. As dawn follows night, spring follows winter. Inspired by realized and imagined rites of spring, this intermedia Chocolate Heads project interpolates “liveness”, seeks communion and finds love. Rehearsed and filmed partially over Zoom and in landmark locations on the Stanford campus, Riot of Spring is a glowing testament to a compelling and irresistible collaboration.

For this piece, guest lecturer and director of photography Jamie Lyons, and Los Angeles-based musician and composer Harriet Brown join the band.

Distal Imprint | Choreographed by Alex Ketley 

Distal Imprint is a dance film created in response to the stasis and upheaval currently being experienced by the world. It explores the ideas that expansiveness can be born from our collective confinement, and connection can transcend circumstantial limitations. The choreography was devised by Alex Ketley, but the filming is being done by the dancers spread across the world. A dispersed collective, sending beautiful dispatches from a disrupted planet, then coalesced into a final filmic artifact.

“Not-knowing is always more thrilling than knowing. Not-knowing is where hope and art and possibility and invention come from. It is not-knowing, that old, old thing, that allows everything to be renewed.” Anthony Doerr, Writer

“There is no joy in leading people to a place where they already are.” — Matthew Goulish, Theater Director

Carry on we Must | Choreographed by Ronnie Reddick

I decided to do this piece to express the way a lot of us were feeling last year during the lockdown. Being stuck inside and dealing with feelings of hopelessness, anxiousness, anger, monotony and anxiety. Along with the fight for anti-racism and equality, we are all still hoping for change and better understanding in the world — with continued longing for hope of a new day, and the celebration of resilience, and the human desire to be connected and regain a sense of normality. We have persevered and continue to move forward. The Dream of Martin Luther King is still alive…

The piece ends with a collective dance of joyfulness and celebration as we feel FABULOUS dancing again outside in the sun where we all desire to come together and begin to relive our lives…and CARRY ON WE MUST.



May 27 at 7PM PDT through
May 29 11:59PM PDT
On-Demand Viewing




This performance is free and open to the public. 




This production runs 50 minutes without intermission.

This production will be viewable via Vimeo on the TAPS website using most Desktop/Laptop computers, Phones/Tablets, and castable to most Smart TVs.

English closed captioning will be available.

For additional accommodation, please contact tapsinformation@stanford.edu by May 20th.




The May Ellen Ritter Production Fund

The Pigott Fund for Drama

Shenson Dance Accompanists Fund



TAPS’s livestream series TABLEWORK, features lively roundtable discussions on the making of our main stage productions. The creative team behind SPLICE: 5 Dance Films talk through their processes, goals, and challenges, sharing a window into the immense scholarly and creative efforts that serve as the foundation of TAPS performances.