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THU SEP 23 @ 7-10PM

Roble Gym | Open to Stanford Students

Featuring the directing work of four TAPS Second-Year PhD students (Marina J. Bergenstock, Westley Montgomery, Zoe Ryu, and Adin Walker), Graduate Repertory runs over two weekends in the Harry J. Elam, Jr. Theater in Mid-Winter Quarter. Productions will be slotted into one of the two weekends sometime during Fall Quarter.


Les Illuminations de Rimbaud

Lead-Curator/Tenor: Westley Montgomery 

Les Illuminations (The Illuminations) is a song cycle on poetry by Arthur Rimbaud by Benjamin Britten. In this new production of Britten’s work for vocalist, electric-orchestra, and ensemble, the cast will work together to curate a staging that celebrates the works Queerness while also deconstructing and critiquing its imperialists, orientalist, and primitivist fantasies. Think Night at the Museum meets Slave Play at a Beyoncé concert.


Four performers. ‘Special skills’ are a plus: Instruments, dance, movement, drag lip-synch, clowning, juggling, circus, gymnastics, etc. Casting will seek to center the work of performers of historically marginalized identities, backgrounds, bodies, and expressions.

Shakespeare’s Sisters 

Directed by Marina J. Bergenstock

Shakespeare’s Sisters by Pietro Floridia, centers around Samira, a driven professor who lives alone in Palestine where she has dedicated her life to teaching and research. One night, Nesma, a young dressmaker, appears at Samira’s doorstep seeking freedom from her family’s traditional expectations. Living together produces a chaos of its own, but Samira and Nesma’s friendship begins to flourish. The women are struck by an idea in Virginia Woolf’s “A Room of One’s Own” — if Shakespeare had a sister, how would the patriarchy have affected her life? Nesma’s dreams and ambitions propel her to create a space inspired by this imagined sister, a space to recharge, regroup and, if necessary, to revolt. Shakespeare’s Sisters interrogates the impact of patriarchal structures on women while providing captivating moments of friendship and joy.


– Samira, 40, a professor at a university (she/her)

– Nesma, a dressmaker (she/her)

– Ensemble (Narrator, Fiancé, Dean) (he/him)

– Ensemble (Narrator, Professor) (he/him or she/her)

Blue Jeans

Directed by Adin Walker

Blue Jeans meshes dance, puppetry, and stand-up comedy to explore queer ephemeralities and futurities. Working together as a tight ensemble of collaborators, the process will involve movement composition work, writing stand-up sets, building puppets out of various materials including denim, and conducting archival research grounded in queer ephemera.


5-7 collaborators/performers who are interested in merging their own creative and scholarly practices, who are interested in exploring puppetry, and who enjoy dancing to songs like “Lost in Music” (Sister Sledge), “Why” (Fleetwood Mac), “Runaway” (Janet Jackson), and “Where Does the Good Go” (Tegan and Sara)

Madame Ong

Directed and Written by Zoe Ryu

The original story of Madame Ong is called Byeon Gangsoe Taryeong and it is one of the most famous pansori (musical storytelling) performances in Korea. Unlike the original piece, this adaptation focuses specifically on the heroine Ongnyeo who is kicked out from her village because all the men she marries end up dying. The villagers think she’s cursed with a dreadful destiny of widowhood. On the road, she meets Byeon Gangsoe and they live together. One day, Byeon Gangsoe goes out to collect firewood and cuts off a Jangseung. The outraged Gods of Jangseung condemn Byeon Gangsoe with all sorts of diseases, killing him in the end. The men who visit Ongnyeo’s house to get rid of Byeon Gangsoe’s dead body also die gruesome deaths. In the end, Ongnyeo leaves the shelter by the road. I am looking to explore ideas of female sexuality, homelessness, death and disease through this project. Actors of diverse backgrounds are encouraged to audition.


This production aims to curate a diverse cast of many backgrounds; singers are favored.


Event Details

Date: September 23 @ 7:00 pm - 10:00 pm
Time: 7:00 pm - 10:00 pm
Venue: Roble Gymnasium
Address: 375 Santa Teresa Street