Latest Past Events

CAPSTONE | Screening of “Dusk for Kilometers”

Pigott Theater, Memorial Auditorium PIGOTT THEATER 551 Jane Stanford Way, Stanford

WED MAR 15 at 8-8:30PM PIGOTT THEATER FREE + OPEN TO THE PUBLIC Senior Cleopatra Howell presents their TAPS Capstone, Dusk for Kilometers — a filmed performance piece that tells a story of immigration from El Salvador to the US through dance, sound, and featured poetry by poet Javier Zamora. The migrant experience is multidimensional, and […]

2023 CARL WEBER SEMINAR | “Proleptic Performance: Rehearsing the Future”

Roble Gym Lounge ROBLE GYM 375 Santa Teresa Street, Stanford

FRI MAR 10 at Noon-1:30PM ROBLE GYM LOUNGE OPEN TO STANFORD STUDENTS, FACULTY, AND STAFF An exploration of watery (re)embodiments undertaken on behalf of a defiantly open future, with guest artist Sarah Cameron Sunde. Pre-reading/viewing required (link below). Photo: Sarah Cameron Sunde's 36.5 / Bay of All Saints, Brazil, 2019, 6th work in the series 36.5 / […]


Memorial Auditorium MEMORIAL AUDITORIUM 551 Jane Stanford Way, Stanford

THU-SAT MAR 09-11 at 8PM MEMORIAL AUDITORIUM MAIN STAGE TICKETS $5-$20 | ON SALE MID-FEBRUARY Julius Caesar, one of Shakespeare’s most notable tragedies, is infused with fresh life in TAPS’s Winter Main Stage. Set five years in the future, this classic text opens up many lenses to our contemporary life and asks timeless questions of power, […]