saint joan of the stockyards

by Bertolt Brecht | MAY 4-6, 2017 | 8PM | ROBLE STUDIO THEATER
Directed by Jessi Piggott

Boom, bust and blood. Bertolt Brecht’s Saint Joan of the Stockyards chronicles the social worker Joan Dark’s futile battle with the gruesome corruption of the meatpacking industry. Charity and good will are no match for the all-conquering machinery of capital as it devours cattle and workers alike. Featuring an all-women cast and a riot grrrl punk chorus, this production splatters audiences with the raw, extreme horror of economic and environmental injustices, just as fresh (or rotten) now as they were when the play was written in 1931.


Tickets $5-$15 On Sale Now!


where to go

This performance is in the new Roble Studio Theater, located in Roble Gym. For directions and parking info, CLICK HERE.


This production is produced in collaboration with Stanford Women* in Theater and with the support of the Clayman Institute for Gender Research