ABOUT THE arts portfolio

The Department of Theater & Performance Studies does not admit students directly to its program; all undergraduate applications are handled centrally by Stanford University. Students interested in applying for undergraduate admission should visit the Undergraduate Admissions webpage at www.admissions.stanford.edu for more information.

However, the undergraduate application does include an optional Arts Portfolio submission. Students with extraordinary talent in the fine or performing arts—art practice, dance, music and theater—may submit an Arts Portfolio. The Arts Portfolio is a way for students intending to participate in the Stanford arts community to highlight their talents for the admission process. These materials are entirely optional and will be reviewed at the discretion of the Office of Undergraduate Admission and the fine arts faculty. Click Here to view detailed instructions on submitting an Arts Portfolio.

Please note that the Arts Portfolio is one small piece in the overall application process. A submission can never hurt your chances of acceptance to the university, though it also does not guarantee admission.

Students who submit an Arts Portfolio are not required to major in the theater at Stanford. Similarly, students who do not submit an Arts Portfolio may still study or participate in the arts at Stanford. 


Earlier deadlines are in effect for the Common Application and the Arts Portfolio. Test scores, transcripts, the School Report, Counselor Recommendation and Teacher Evaluations may be submitted by the usual deadlines.

October 15, 2017 (Restrictive Early Action)
December 1, 2017 (Regular Decision)


For questions regarding the TAPS Arts Portfolio, please contact the TAPS Student Services Officer, Katie Dooling, at kdooling@stanford.edu

For general information regarding undergraduate admission, please visit the Stanford Undergraduate Admission page at http://admission.stanford.edu

ARTS PORTFOLIO in theater + performance studies


Live auditions are strongly encouraged. Live audition will take place on two dates:

October 21, 2017 (Restrictive Early Action)
December 9, 2017 (Regular Decision)

To schedule your live audition, please complete this web form: TAPS Arts Supplement 2017. Please note that if auditioning live, you should not submit any materials on the Stanford Slideroom webpage.

Applicants are required Prepare two selections, two minutes maximum each. One should be from a contemporary play with a character close in age to you; the other should be from a classical play, preferably Shakespeare. In addition, students may prepare a song from a musical. For live auditions, an accompanist will not be provided.

The following will not be reviewed: Monologues from television or movies; original monologues, videos of performances that are not monologues or solo songs (such as scenes between two or more people).


Applicants interested in design or technical theater are required to Submit a portfolio of 5–15 images which may include design sketches or renderings and photos of the realized productions with focus on scenery, costumes or lighting images. Write a brief statement about each image. Students interested in stage management should include examples of prompt book, shift plots, prop lists and other relevant materials.


Applicants are required to discuss their approach to a particular play and ideas for its production.


There are no live auditions for dance. Please submit one video sample of your own performance or choreography. The total length of the video should not exceed seven minutes. Group performances cannot be evaluated unless the student is clearly identifiable. Students are encouraged to include multiple excerpts to indicate breadth of experience, training or performance circumstance; we are interested in all styles of dance.

RESUME & Letter of Recommendation

All students submitting a portfolio in Theater and Performance Studies must submit a resume of theater experience as well as a letter of recommendation from an Arts Instructor. This letter should come from an instructor who is familiar with your efforts in theater. For students completing a live audition, please bring this letter with you to your live audition and hand it in at that time. For students submitting their Arts Portfolio via the Stanford Slideroom website, this letter must be uploaded to the Slideroom website by the instructor.