May 24 - May 26 | Tickets $5-15 | Pigott Theater in Memorial Auditorium
TAPS Second Stage Production
Co-produced with Stanford Asian American Theater Project (AATP)

Frances Ya-Chu Cowhig's World of Extreme Happiness is as fierce and unflinching as the world it examines. Unwanted from the moment she’s born, Sunny is determined to escape her life in rural China and forge a new identity in the city. As naïve as she is ambitious, Sunny views her new job in a grueling factory as a stepping stone to untold opportunities. When fate casts her as a company spokeswoman at a sham PR event, Sunny’s bright outlook starts to unravel in a series of harrowing and darkly comic events, as she begins to question a system enriching itself by destroying its own people.

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